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Control. Real Estate. University. & Sustainable. Housing (C.R.U.S.H.)
Official Established Authority for Appointed Trustee Training | Development and Mutual Member Benefits Designations.

"Through C.R.U.S.H. we are able to help more professionals acquire certifications and become official appointed Trustees and gain the necessary Designations to receive Residual Income | Mutual Member Benefits."

Nigel Johnson MBA
Co-Founder | Certified Affordable Housing Provider


Years of Combined Experience

Open Enrollment | Workforce Opportunities, Trustee Designations to become Mutual Benefits Management & Housing Councilor


Cities | Markets Available

C.R.U.S.H Association & Mutual Member Authority is expanding to a market near you, complete application to see if your market qualifies for our programs.


Mutual Member Benefits Available

Join the war against unemployment and homelessness. We Help hundreds of displaced workers & tenants find sustainable living and earning | benefits opportunities.


Proposed Build Back Better Act

Joe Biden Proposed $1.75 Trillion overall. $65 Billion for public housing and $25 Million for housing vouchers. In addition $15 Billion for Housing Trust Fund. Certified Affordable Housing Professionals are needed more than ever before.

Certified Housing Councilor I & II Courses

6 Courses
Gain Exclusive Designations as a esteemed Trustee and Become Certified Affordable Housing Councilor

District Ombudsman I, II & III

3 Courses
Qualify to Manage Relationships and Oversee Compliance Through Neighborhood Development Training

Management | Expertise

Trusted Experts

Nigel Johnson MBA
CoFounder, Certified Affordable Housing Provider

Richard Reid
Partner | Investment Executive ABF

Josh Kimbrough QFOP
Co-Founder | Capital Markets Alternative Finance

Available Opportunities | Career Enhancement

Applications | Fall Internships

Send resume to crushinstitute@gmail.com to be considered for our upcoming fall internships.

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